No Random Acts Tuesday, Oct 27 2009 

What we do today echos in eternity… Marcus Aurelius. Does it end at Death’s Door or is there an existance beyond what our senses and imagination can conceive? An artist, no matter what medium, can transcend the here and now and touch and effect the future. Have you made any art today?


Emotional respone to art Monday, Oct 26 2009 

Why is a delicate water color of a flower as powerful as a politically charged painting by Goya?

Bridging the Physical and Spiritual World Sunday, Oct 25 2009 

Mark D. Giglio

Mark D. Giglio

To me the fascinating time is history begins around 1400 A.D. to the mid 1600s. This was a tumultuous time of great ignorance, great discovery and great enlightenment. This was a time when the very foundations of religious dogma was shaken and souls of men and women were left, again, to wonder the age-old questions: who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Our ancient fathers and mothers found their answers in the world around them and it the starry heaven over their heads. Earth, Air,Wind and Fire, the cardinal points: north, South, East and West, the cycle ofl birth, fruition and death, the myriad stars, constellations, planets, the raw metals and minerals dug from the earth and the greatest giver of life: The Sun and his pale and mysterious mate The Moon, all held parts and pieces to answers.


This period was the time of the Alchemist. They were educated in the accumulated knowledge of the ancients and their modern world of science and discovery. They were dedicated to making sense out of it all. For most their goal was to creat a bridge between the physical word and the spiritual world.


Most of us think of alchemy as trying to turn lead into gold. Many tried, even Sir Issac Newton, and all failed. We must look on that transformation as something elemental or base into something valuable as a metaphor for changing our baser, courser selves into our spiritual best.

I am an artist and one of my mediums is art furniture. I have taken my love for history, religion, and alchemy and transformed that into something unique and beautiful. This art furniture has classical lines framed in organic, almost animal shapes supported by cloven, gilted hooves, decorated with hundreds of copper scales, embossed with alchemic signs, Zodiac symbols, the Elements, Hebrew, and Pagan themes: the Tree of LIfe, Birth, Life, Death and Infinity. Visit my web site at

Art is the resolution between emotion and reason Tuesday, Oct 20 2009 


Garden of Chaos
Garden of Chaos

It seems to me that over the centuries the task of the artist has been to take in the world around him/her , sift through all of the immediate trappings and isms and be that mirror that reflects a naked picture of society.  Society is driven by emotion more so than reason. I feel it is the duty of the artist to not only reflect what is happening around him/her but to steer folks to see themselves in a clear and defining light. See and

Hello world! Monday, Oct 12 2009 

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